Sunday, 20 May 2012

This is the end, my friend.

Well, perhaps the end of the beginning, if that makes any sense at all.

Today the judges are coming to meet us at home and have a look at our recycling habits and complete a survey - about what exactly I'm not sure!

Over the 5 days of Living Green, we used an average of 11.4 kWH electricity per day.  According to the Ministry of Economic Development the average household use in NZ is 22.3 kWH per day, so we managed to use half.  I'm pretty happy with that, especially as I always wanted this to be about sustainable behaviour change, so we didn't stop using electricity - we were just more careful about it.

The winter veges are planted, the rainwater collection tank is hooked up and we wait to hear how we've gone.

The things I missed most last week were: Not much really!  I did miss my weekly soak in a hot bath, and the guilty pleasure that is Shortland Street, but apart from that I was pleasantly surprised.  And I'm pleased to say we will definitely be continuing many of our new behaviours well into the future.

Waggs and Amy will be calling the winner at 7:40am tomorrow, so please keep everything crossed for us!

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